The Amazon affiliate program is a great way for websites to generate additional revenue, but you need an effective tool to make the most of the program. AzonPress is an Amazon WordPress affiliate plug-in with many useful features to help you maximize the performance of your partners. Simple plug-in installation ensures that you can connect to your Amazon Associate account effortlessly. 

AzonPress is designed to be used with experienced and inexperienced users, so you don't have to worry about how the plugin works. You can use many intuitive features from the beginning to display an unlimited number of products in the way your customers want to see, thus ensuring a high conversion rate. For example, you only need to search for and select the desired product on Amazon, and it will be automatically updated in the attractive product display form on your website, which contains all relevant product information. It can also help your buyers make informed decisions with a wide and responsive comparison table. 

The customizable layout provided by the plugin allows products to be displayed in grids, charts, lists, and other formats that match the overall layout of your website. Use the provided shortcode, which means you can simply copy and paste the given shortcode where you want, instead of creating product specifications and product tables over and over again. There are many other well-designed features. There is an option to customize the geographic location of your affiliate links, allowing you to redirect traffic from one country to another Amazon store. 

Amazon can closely track referral links on your website instead of manually tracking your affiliate links. In addition, it becomes more efficient through plugins. You can manage your membership income, view reports and track your overall performance directly from the dashboard.

Features of AzonPress

  • Automatic Product Update
  • Responsive Product Table
  • Automated Comparison Tables
  • Sales Oriented Features
  • Easy & Flexible Customization
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Display BestSeller
  • Individual Product Information
  • Display product using shortcode
  • Display Product using widget
  • User friendly Plugin
  • Geo-targeting

Product Update

The most interesting aspect of AzonPress is how you get ideas through product demonstrations. If you follow the same ordinary style of displaying products on the website, AzonPress can help you update it with a variety of different presentation methods on the website to showcase to your audience.

Responsive Product table

The product table allows you to search and find products directly from the AzonPress dashboard. All you have to do is enter a specific keyword or product ASIN to find the product. AzonPress immediately shows you detailed product information. You can add one or more products to create a product table. You can also customize columns and rows, and add new columns with additional content. For example, if you want to view the side view of the product, you can create a column and manually load the image from your system. The plug-in also has many pre-installed design features for you to choose from, as well as responsive design options.

AzonPress Pricing 

How to Install AzonPress on WordPress?

  • After Purchasing AzonPress, You have Plugin file and License Key
  • Go to your WordPress Site >> Plugin Section
  • Add New Plugin >> Upload your AzonPress Plugin
  • After Completing Installation, You have enter your Amazon API key
  • AzonPress Activate API within a Second.
  • Under 2 minutes above process will be done.

How Does AzonPress Works?

How to create Comparison Table using AzonPress?

Comparing multiple Amazon products side by side is a best way to help audience or customers make quick decisions and choose products faster. The comparison table works similarly to the product table. You can search for the products you want. Compare, AzonPress will bring it to you -Comparison of product performance. These settings also apply to the comparison table. Alternatively, you can activate personalized ratings or ratings. If necessary, you can add a "best choice" label to guide customers to select specific products.

How to Create Best Seller List using AzonPress?

With an automated bestseller list, AzonPress brings you best-selling products in each category; however, you will post through WordPress instead of using the AzonPress dashboard.

Custom CSS

AzonPress ensures that you do not need any programming skills to use this tool. However, if you wish, the platform will not prevent you from customizing CSS. Editing the screen with custom CSS allows you to use HTML elements to control the appearance of web pages. This gives you the creative freedom to customize the design to your liking.


For Amazon affiliate sellers, one of the worst scenarios is loss of commissions because customers are referred to the wrong Amazon store. Although you can solve this problem by manually entering and confirming each link, why bother to do this when you can automatically detect the location? AzonPress is now ready to geolocate your affiliate links. You can choose a country without geographic targeting or country targeting. It can even reroute traffic from one country to Amazon in another country. 

However, if you want to take advantage of geolocation, please make sure you have set up tracking codes for different Amazon marketplaces. AzonPress has partnered with MaxMind to bring you this feature. The disadvantage is that you must create a MaxMind account and generate a license. The point is not. However, the process is very simple and once it is completed, you can rest assured that you will not lose any commissions or customers.


AzonPress is an extremely versatile plugin for Amazon affiliate sellers. It is very easy to use and does not require any programming knowledge to take full advantage of its functions. This plugin helps you create unique and compelling product displays with all relevant sales-oriented features to improve the performance of your content. In addition, the plugin provides a 14-day money-back guarantee, giving you the opportunity to test the product before making a long-term commitment.

Does AzonPress have Refund Policy?

Yes, If you're unhappy with AzonPress Plugin, WpManangeNinja will refund 100% refund your money within 7 Days without any Question asked. 

What Payment method accept WpManageNinja?

WpManageNinja accepting different payment method like PayPal, Credit card and Debit Card. WpManageNinja Maintain a Secure Payment System as all details are encrypted.