Many People facing problem on Stage fear or Public speaking. You will change this behaviour on early stage. Because, It will badly Impact on your personality. If you do not overcome this fear at the starting stage, you will not succeed in your life.

Here is the 10 Best Tips to Overcome from your stage fear or public speaking or presentation.

Look Matter A lot

People will judge you based on your dress, hairstyle, and facial expressions. You need to dress according to the requirements of the presentation. When attending business meetings, formal wear is more popular than casual wear. Instead, you can dress according to the requirements of the presentation. If you are a student, at the request of the lecturer. In short, your clothes should be neat and clean, your face should be bright, and your eyes should be bright. Always try to look happy, not sad. Keep everything private. If you are a girl, you should avoid heavy and complicated decorations when you enter the room. In short, it is normal to be afraid that public speaking will not cause embarrassment or disgust and can be avoided by following these tips. You can use these simple tips and tricks to create an effective presentation without objections.

Exercise or Meditation before presentation

The presentation requires light exercise, meditation and adequate sleep. Breathing techniques are very helpful. Before starting the speech, you should take a deep breath. During this process, you can breathe in fresh air and exhale all fear, fear and unclean air. Before walking into a crowded room, you can move your arms to improve blood flow. Don't postpone preparations overnight before the speech. This is the main reason for failure. It is best to prepare the entire speech at least 24 hours before the speech. You will feel relaxed and stress-free.

Use hand gesture, Eye Contact and Smile

Hand Gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, and smiles are key elements of the presentation. You can't ignore it. You need to create a pleasant smell for the audience when you enter the room, and you need to use humor when you don't have one. Don't Be rude to the audience and try to maintain a friendly atmosphere during the presentation. You must act in a way that makes people feel that you exist only for them. You should maintain eye contact with the audience, but don't stare. Some people look embarrassed because of it.

Don't be afraid of Audience

When you are a beginner and this is your first speech, it is nothing new to be afraid of the audience, but don’t worry, you can overcome it, you need to relax before you start the speech, you can have a good and effective One of the presentations. Unless you are feeling nervous or anxious, it is best to scan the entire room immediately before starting the presentation. It's best not to think negatively, as if you can't, otherwise people will laugh at you. Always try to think positively; it will be useful during presentations. He must give everything good and leave everything else to fate. If you work hard to achieve your goals, you will succeed.

Don't worry about what others think

Many people consider the audience’s thoughts when giving a speech. It's best not to think about these nonsense. You need to focus on your rhythm and flow. You take no responsibility for what people think. You need to be prepared. Be effective yourself and don't worry about what others think. Obviously, people will judge you based on your gestures, facial expressions, dress and communication, and you can't stop them. Demonstrate the theme before you start. This is useful for getting people involved.

Move Around the Stage

During the presentation, you should walk around the stage instead of standing in one place. It is important to involve people in your presentation; otherwise, the audience will fall asleep instead of focusing on your presentation. When you need to focus on a specific point, you have to get closer to the audience and return when the next point starts. By following these tips and keeping your distance with your audience.

Be Prepared for Audience Questions

You know very well that an important part of the presentation is to ask the audience questions about the host. You should consider all relevant points related to your presentation, and don’t add anything to the presentation that you don’t understand. . Answer the questions you haven't figured out. Suppose you cannot answer certain questions. You can tell the audience that you don't know, and then tell them through research. This is better than creating drama than knowing all of them. Not everyone has all the knowledge in the world.

Be Prepared for any Unexpected Situation

Contingencies include any unusual public behavior or technical problems. A technical problem means that there is a problem with the microphone, speaker, or device suddenly turning off. The audience will also cause trouble to him by asking strange questions or making funny gestures. You are ready for them. You need to be very careful and calm about these issues; otherwise it will be counterproductive. It is best to focus on the main points of the presentation.

Practice More and More

Practice makes people perfect. You should practice at home because it suits you. You can practice in front of the mirror and learn about your mistakes in this way or you can practice in front of Friends or family. If necessary, your friends or family will notify you to improve the situation. Some people lost their way during the first demonstration, forgetting all the material in front of people. Sometimes the person's voice is too small or too loud, and the situation becomes very strange. You can use the voice recorder to file your voice at the same time as practising the presentation, and use your voice to factor out your mistakes. 

Prepare your Presentation very Well

You should find your speech topic at least one week before the deadline, research it and prepare a good and effective speech. You don’t need to mess up the entire presentation, you need to keep track of the key points of the presentation. Overcrowding creates problems for the public. You will forget the entire presentation and its rhythm during the presentation. So don't let yourself be overwhelmed, remember the main points. You need to add highlighting to the paper.