If you are an entrepreneur, you know the importance of time management. There are only 24 hours a day, which means you must manage your time properly to accomplish a lot of work.

Here 10 best app for beginner Entrepreneur. Below apps are full of free of cost. You don't invest single money on these app.


This application manages your important files. You can access them, comment on them and use the document scanner function from anywhere. Create, view, and edit documents anytime (even offline) and share with people, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. It also allows you to collaborate with your teammates and relieves you from the pressure you might endure due to potential hackers and data theft. 


All companies need experts in this software because it is an important part of marketing, everyone wants their logos and products to look more attractive, and large electronics industry projects need graphic designers. For example, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, they update products every day, so they need graphic designers, because they have to upload multiple pictures of the same product.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to download different types of files (documents, photos, audio, and video) and save them on Google servers or in the cloud. The hard drive can be used as a backup tool or free up space on the device. To understand why Google Drive is so popular, it’s important to know that it can work seamlessly with Google. One of Drive’s best features is its integration with Google’s cloud office suite. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office, you will be familiar with it.


There are many benefits to having a website in your online business, one of which is that your sales will increase significantly in a day. This is the information I learned from this strange guy about why building a website is so important to our online business.



Canva is a complete design tool for anyone who is not a skilled designer. Most people see it as a tool for creating pictures, but it is much more than that. You can create anything from printable forms to PDFs, invoices, brochures, infographics and websites. Depending on your experience, you can start from scratch or use your own template. It has a web version and applications for mobile phones and desktops. Canva is best for small business owners, Internet entrepreneurs, and marketers who want to develop projects quickly.


The importance of using images in social media updates is well discussed to generate interest and engagement in the published content. This meaning is more important on Instagram than ever, because social media platforms rely on images rather than text. Combining photos, videos, and social media sharing in one mobile application allows users to portray scenes, sell products, and even try to convey emotions in images uploaded to the website. It forces users, companies or individuals to be more creative and creative with the images they use in order to create a relevant feeling for themselves, their brand or their company.

Ever Note

Finally, if you are looking for a simple note-taking application, Evernote is worth a look. If you just want to stay organized, you can use the free Evernote Basic Edition, which you can use to create to-do lists and take notes. And share your notes with others. On the other hand, if you want to use Evernote to manage the entire team’s projects, workflows, and schedules, you can try Evernote for Business.


Use this application to make your social media marketing easier, the application allows you to share your posts on various social media platforms. You can also use Buffer to schedule content to ensure that it is published at the best time for subscribers.


AWeber is one of the best email marketing automation platform that enables companies and their marketing teams to send automated, professional, and personalized emails and content to target customers and potential customers. Users can use this marketing solution to interact with potential customers. With existing customers quickly and efficiently, this allows them to establish and maintain strong and stable relationships with potential customers and customers. 

Using AWeber, users can create their own mailing lists that display the names and contact information of the people they need to contact when starting an email marketing campaign. The platform ensures that you can completely and thoroughly identify people on such lists. They allow you to categorize contacts or recipients, understand their needs and characteristics, and send the correct email to the correct person. 

AWeber can automate many operations and tasks related to email marketing, such as sending emails and sending emails. For example, replying to emails from potential customers or customers and composing emails according to a schedule specified by the user. It can also work seamlessly with existing email and content management systems and other types of business applications and tools.



PayPal has become a famous payment gateway for many online businesses for the simple reason that it is very easy to use and is considered our first choice for providing the best credit card processing services. PayPal makes it easy to integrate with payment gateways of large e-commerce platforms, and usually only requires a few clicks and an email address. 

Usually, the most difficult part of setting up PayPal processing is to copy and paste the provided API key to get started. Web Payments Standard small business products do not charge monthly fees, and transaction fees are based on income. Although many shopping carts are designed from the ground up to accommodate PayPal, they can even be used as a standalone service to receive tailor-made payments. 

Customers only need to paste the payment button code in the email. PayPal also provides additional development features, such as accepting in-store payments through a card reader. With monthly fees, PayPal is one of the cheapest options for startups and small businesses.