Blogging is the best way to share your knowledge and ideas. If people are not used to blogging, there will be no solution to most of the questions. Do you agree? Of course! If you are a new blogger, choosing the best blogging platform that is right for you is a bit of a difficult task. So for this, I am comparing the three most popular blogging platforms. Before reading this post, please read this comparison with self-hosted blogs and third-party blog hosting.

WordPress VS Blogger VS Tumblr:

1. Create your account

Creating accounts on all these blogging platforms is very easy WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr. Because it's free, you no longer see fields during the signup process as you see on secure banking portals. Just your username, email, password, and blog address and you know that blogger is Google-owned so you can sign in with your Gmail account.

2. Create a new blog

First of all, you can manage multiple blogs on these three blogging platforms with your single account. - Once logged in, you will see "my blog" where you can create your new blog. Enter your blog address, blog name set privacy, and create your blog.

Blogger - Creating a new blog is easier than WordPress. You can see the new blogs after logging in, just add the title, blog address, and choose your blog template. Read more..

Tumblr - Creating a new blog on Tumblr is the same as in WordPress. Find it on your dashboard

3. Create a new post

Thanks to all three services having a quick post option where you can easily create a new post. You can find this option after logging in.

WordPress: you can choose one of these options to publish texts, photos, videos, quotes, and links or you can create detailed posts from your dashboard

Blogger: You are offered two simple "write" options like WYSIWYG and the other is "HTML". You can add text, links, images, and videos.

Tumblr - has more advanced options than WordPress and Blogger, where you can add text, photos, links, quotes, audio, video, and chat

[Note: you can upload your videos to Blogger and Tumblr directly, but WordPress only has one embed option as it only allows 3GB of free space if you want to use more premium]

4. Manage Your Dashboard - WordPress vs. Blogger vs. Tumblr

The panel is just the back of the blog, giving you options to edit and manage the blog.

WordPress - You can find your dashboard by entering /wp-admin after your blog address. The WordPress dashboard has several options that you can use to edit and manage your blog posts, media, links, pages, comments, views, users, and settings.

Blogger - The WordPress and Blogger dashboard navigation is on the left as a vertical line. You can see an overview of your blog's statistics; Manage posts, pages, comments, AdSense, layouts, templates, and settings.

Tumblr - This is different from WordPress and Blogger. You can see your settings in the top menu where you can edit your profile and blog.

5. Themes and Personalization - vs Blogger vs Tumblr

How good is your blog? A blog should be interesting enough and easy for visitors to navigate. Let's see what high scores are achieved in this case.

WordPress - You can see tons of free and premium themes in your Control Panel> View. Just activate any theme. You can customize your theme's background color, text color, and widgets to learn more about WordPress customization. As a basic WordPress guide, this post can help you get the best WordPress score from my point of view.

Blogger - also has a variety of themes that you can find in the templates and customize your theme. In the layout settings, you can change the default theme layout and use other well-known gadgets in WordPress like widgets. Take advantage of this blogging guide with bloggers.

Tumblr - As I said, the Tumblr dashboard is slightly different from Blogger and WordPress, so you can find the options to customize the theme in the settings menu. It has a limited collection of themes, but it will suit your blog on Tumblr scores on WordPress and Blogger.

6. Monetization and premium functionality

WordPress - You only get 3GB of storage with the free features, and if you want more storage and features, you can upgrade to premium. Control panel> Store. does not allow third-party advertising to monetize your blog, but it does have its own program known as WordAds and you will need to request an invitation to buy.

Blogger - In terms of monetization, Blogger scores the highest of three and you can easily integrate Google Adsense into your dashboard, the most popular advertising program used most frequently to monetize your blog. Unlike others, Blogger is completely free.

Tumblr - You can monetize any ad network on your Tumblr blog using HTML, and you can find other premium themes on Tumblr too.

Real Blog Master decision: WordPress vs Blogger vs Tumblr

As a new blogger, stick to this and you will learn how to easily use and manage your blog, but the choice is yours. These three blogging platforms are similar in one way or another, but I recommend you choose Blogger, which allows you to easily navigate within and within your blog and monetize your blog.

Why not WordPress? It only offers 3GB of free space and cannot be monetized with other ad networks.

Why not Tumblr? Limited content and settings options compared to Blogger and WordPress.

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