Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest men who have been forever remembered in our lives through their work. Stephen Hawking is one of the contributors to human life. Steven Hawking was born on January 7, 1942. His father's name is Dr. Frank Hawking. He was a biology researcher. His mother's name is Isobel Hawking. She is A political activist. Interestingly, Hawking attended St. Albert's girls' school from 1950 to 1953.

Hawking had an innate interest in science. Hawking's father wanted Hawking to be a doctor like him. But Hawking was admitted to Oxford University College to study mathematics. But since there were no math courses, Hawking began studying physics. While at Oxford, Mark was fairly well-known, but his classmates called him Einstein because of his keen interest in science.

Hawking may find out about his illness while doing his Ph.D. at the age of twenty. He was studying at Cambridge at that time. Sometimes he would get sick at that time. After many tests, it was found that he had motor neuron disease. This disease of the nerves is slowly fading in Hawking. It was said at the time that if the disease was too much, the patient would live for 2-3 years or a maximum of five years. However, Hawking has continued to fight for the next five decades after overcoming that push.

Hawking first shed light on the uncertainty theory of black holes. This proves that particle flow is radiating from a black hole or a black hole. This radiation was later named after Hawking. Cosmology and quantum gravity were Hawking's main areas of research. Hawking created a new model from the theory of relativity. He proved his point by putting that model in front.

Hawking's greatest achievement was to present physics simply to the general public. Hawking's great achievement was also the combination of Einstein's general relativity and Bohr-Heisenberg's quantum theory. No place in the universe is empty. Particle remedies are always being created. Again, they are disappearing at the last moment. Hawking proved this through his theory. His contribution to the universe is forever memorable.