Top Pinterest Niche and How to Increase Pinterest Traffic traffic  

Pinterest is a social media and visual search platform that allows users to manually search or search for topics they are interested in. How important is it to us? Well, this means that Pinterest can become an important source of free traffic. To your website or blog. But how do you know if you can get good traffic from Pinterest? In this article, we will learn about some niche facts and ideas to understand which Pinterest niches are currently (and in the future) the best. If you have a niche or niche idea that specifically addresses any of these topics, it may be worth the investment. Spend some time creating a company profile on Pinterest and create some Pins that link to your project. Implement a traffic strategy that you can try for free, without having to do a lot of extra work or invest time to increase your traffic.

1: Pinterest has more than 459 million users by 2020. 

Not only Pinterest is growing steadily every year, users also report that they are constantly seeing new ideas they want to try, and Pinterest has many users looking for ideas from different fields. Purchase, which makes it an important source of income for your channel. 

2: More than 50% of millennials use Pinterest every month. 

The technological age is creating a huge foundation on Pinterest. With Pinterest, you may not only reach a large audience, but also your target audience. The offers and content you promote are relevant to users and can attract the attention of interested readers who are ready to get more information from your blog. 

3: 47% of users will actively purchase. 

The interest in generating purchase ideas is not only useful, but almost half of users log in to make real purchases as quickly as possible. This means you have a good opportunity to attract their attention through Pins at the right time. Make a good impression and acquire new customers at the right time.


Now that we have some statistics, let's explore some of the most profitable Pinterest niches. If you own a blog in one of these market segments but have never used Pinterest before, now is the best time to invest. When you are looking for a new source of website traffic.

If you are passionate about travel, promoting your content on Pinterest is a great way to attract attention to your website. People who plan to travel are always looking for ideas in Pinterest (whether it's a hotel, what to do, what to look for, etc.). You can promote affiliate products from places like Walmart or Target, and earn additional income from ads such as Google AdSense 

Health and Fitness. 

Health and fitness are currently a somewhat saturated market. Places like Google are not as simple as they used to be, but Pinterest doesn’t like old, highly domain-authorized sites like Google. Pinterest with the same keywords as Google is much higher! Therefore, Pinterest is the best choice for people in this niche market, because you don't have to try to compete with more mature websites for stricter keywords. 


Anyone who has browsed Pinterest before knows that the food ideas or recipes on this platform are very rich. A piece of cake ad and your own food blog? 

Finances and a humble lifestyle 

If you like financial advice or earning opportunities, Pinterest has a huge advantage in topics such as making money at home or doing outdoor work. Bring extra money. Many users also seek advice on how to save money. Therefore, if your financial situation is good, you can blog your ideas and get traffic from Pinterest.


Fashion is a big Market with Pinterest. Although there is a trend that the number of male users is growing, the vast majority of users are still women, and many of them want to shop or get tutorials. By working hard to promote your website using Pinterest, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. 

Family and Home

 This topic covers issues such as parenting counseling or family activities. This is a broad topic, but the most important thing is that parents do have a large Pinterest user base. Therefore, if you are a parent interested in this field, then you can spend time educate other parents or share with them some ideas that are useful to you. 


 The great thing about Pinterest is that it is a visual search engine. This means that if you have the right keywords, they can be matched when people seek advice or try to learn new things. So, collect some beautiful icons and send them to your blog or YouTube channel! 


Lifestyle is a fairly broad topic, but if you feel that your market segment is not yet suitable for you, it is worth considering. Do you have any ideas to help people come up with ideas for their lives? Ideas such as motivation, organization, and positive behavior change may fit this niche market. 


Teaching people how to blog how to start their own blog or online business is a great way to share experiences. The interest in the blogging niche is huge. People see other blogs and want to learn how to do it themselves. Ideas you can use. You can even use elements such as infographics to illustrate some basic steps and encourage people to click for more information. 


Visually, you can use Pinterest to generate some traffic. Since it is a visual platform, you can add pictures to your hobbies and use captions to arouse people’s curiosity to click.

Pinterest All time Trending Niche 

  • Health and Fitness
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Parenting
These are the Evergreen Topic going viral on Pinterest

Try this Tool to Get a Traffic Boost

Once you find that Pinterest is a good platform to promote your niche, try this trick to get additional traffic. 

TailWind is a piece of software that allows users to program their pins and join tribes that share content with each other. Your PIN is visible to your subscribers, but it can also provide you with some additional SEO features to help you achieve higher rankings.

Step1: Create a Pinterest Account 

To get Started, Create a Pinterest Business account and Fill your all details.

Step2: Create Some Pin

Canva is a great way to create beautiful pushpins. There are many tutorials on the Internet. If you want, you can scroll through Pinterest to find some templates or designs that look great, or you can try to replicate this style with your own images and titles.

Step3: Create a TailWind Acccount 

You can Create TailWind for free to increase free traffic. After logging in, you can follow the instructions or continue reading this guide.

Step4: Create some Boards and Pins, It will directly connected to your Tailwind Account

Now that you have the app and Pin, you can create multiple boards. The whiteboard is a place for your contacts. Each whiteboard should have a name that applies to all contacts. For example, call your board. "Blog" and share your suggestions with all contacts in the blog.

Note: If you want Tailwind Tutorial, Fill out contact form "Tailwind Tutorial". 

Final Thought 

Hope this article helps you better understand the potential of Pinterest to increase traffic to your blog or website. 

If you have a niche market that you think works well with Pinterest, give it a try! After creating a few contacts, you can manually pin them to your board and keep them as they are, or use a tool like TailWind to provide an extra boost in a short time. 

If you like this article, please share it so that others can also use it as a resource in Pinterest’s marketing strategy.

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