MLM Mistakes ( Multi-Level Marketing) 

Unfortunately, it takes a while to learn these courses. I was about 20 or 21 years old when I first read "Rich Dad and Poor Dad", which means I am still not sure who he is. Work hard to make money, but don't know how to do it. This makes me the best candidate for MLM and my dream of getting rich quickly. If you are not sure what MLM is, the term is used to describe any business model that rewards salespeople and recruits others to work. Think It Works, Advocare, Beach Body, and other annoying promotional presentations added to your Facebook feeding. Young and susceptible to hints, I tried two or three of them before giving up. I made some money by selling it, of course, but not enough to justify the money and time I spent on groceries. On the other hand, this experience also helped me a lot. Although I knew it was not, I was born for multi-level marketing, and I realized that the life I wanted was more than just selling things to make money.


Ready to Start Multi-Stream Income

If you are tired of getting only one salary per week, now is the best time to start looking for multiple sources of income. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or not, having multiple sources of income is always a good idea. You need extra cash to pay off debts. Or maybe you want to save some cash to buy a new house. No matter what your goals are, the more money you have, the faster you can achieve them. who knows? At some point your full-time job.

Are you ready to earn more? Check out these effective extra income ideas:

Sell Digital Products

Digital products are assets or media that consumers cannot access. This includes files that can be downloaded or streamed, such as Kindle books, templates, plug-ins, or PDFs. Digital products have become an important source of residual income due to their high return on investment. Create an asset once, and you can sell it online multiple times. No storage or inventory required. You can sell as many digital products as you need. Many creators increase their passive income by selling toolkits, prints, documents, and other professional assets. You can use UX toolkits (such as people sales, flowcharts, and models) to help the design process.

Teach Online

It’s easier for teachers to sell courses online than ever. Whether it's marketing, illustration or entrepreneurship, you can create courses and start selling without restrictions. As with digital products, you can sell courses online multiple times without stock or inventory. Online requires an initial investment of time. You need to outline your course, register for it, and create downloadable resources, for example: as an online tutor, you can choose the size and duration of the course. 

If you like small groups, we can provide one-on-one teaching or inspiration; if you like working with large groups, we provide training and on-site courses. Do you want interpersonal communication? no problem. You can create fully downloadable courses for students to learn at their own pace. Either way, online training is a lucrative source of passive income with low start-up costs-just an investment of your time.

Start a Blogging

Blogging may be a difficult task, but as a source of passive income, blogging business models are becoming more and more successful. You no longer need to be an internet star to make money online. All you have to do is find your people. On one or two platforms, then host them on your website. It takes a while to create a blog. However, when you create high-quality content and promote it on your platform, you will create enough audiences to profit. 

You can earn passive blog income by 

  • selling affiliate products, 
  • creating sponsored posts, and 
  • selling your own products.

The most important thing about advertising with Google Adsense is that you don’t need any design or programming skills to create a blog. With content management systems and hosting services such as Shopify, you can get your blog up and running right away. Take the time to create an SEO marketing strategy, as well as content creation and promotion. Know that your efforts will pay off-your return on investment may exceed $30,000 per month, depending on how you monetize your blog.


Create an Online Course

Everyone knows some things. Why not create an online course about your hobbies? My friend also doing teaching online classes on udemy. He made a lot of money selling lessons. Most people will be happy. Earn a small portion of what you do online. There are many ways to create and organize your own online courses. A very simple way is to use a website like With more than 8 million students, Udemy is a great way to share your content with others for review. 

Once you have created an online course, it can serve you while you sleep! What have you invested in online courses? good question. You can add video tutorials, checklists to follow the recommended steps in the video tutorials, small e-books outside of the course, audio files for listeners on the go, information interviews with like-minded people, and more. In fact, you can create multiple packages at different prices. Some people want all of this, so you might want to add the "work" to the highest price, and then lower the two prices to get the largest amount of work possible.

Build an APP

Applications can be a very profitable source of income. Think about how many people have smartphones nowadays. Come on, they are almost all! People download apps crazily, and this is for good reason. Apps make people's lives easier. Your blog or task tracking app, each has a useful app. You may wonder why there are so many applications and why you should try to create one of them. Small competition? Well, yes, but fresh and creative ideas can win. You can make a lot of money and create something unique. Simple but unique applications can be very passive.

Sell Stock photos Online

One of the biggest disadvantages of a service-based business like photography is that you will be paid for your time. You have to participate in events or take photos to make money from photography. Even if you make money, you will get bored afterwards. If you are a full-time photographer or own an excellent camera, selling photos online can create an additional source of income for you. Stock photography sites such as Pexels, Shutterstock, and other online media pay for high-quality photos and videos. Apart from cameras and laptops, there are no other equipment in the house. These sites do marketing for you. Therefore, once you upload the photos to the platform, your work and sales are complete.

Invest in Stock Market

Although the stock market is difficult to learn and can be confusing, it is a great way to create sustainable wealth. A common mistake most people make when investing in stocks is to think about gambling in the short term rather than the long term. You can achieve this by investing in exchange-traded funds (ETF) and dividend stocks, which will gradually bring you income. To invest in the stock market, you need to open a brokerage account and provide them with funds.

Start a Dropshipping Store

No matter where you are, dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money, even if you don't have enough cash flow. Some affiliates report that they earn more than $100,000 per year. Initial time investment. This business model involves creating an e-commerce store where customers can search for and purchase products. The advantage of direct selling is that you don’t have to see what you’re actually selling. Through direct sales, your supplier can handle everything from production to packaging and execution. And because you don’t have to send money to the provider before the customer pays, the currency risk is limited.

How to make money on Dropshipping

Write an E-book

This may require a lot of upfront work, but once an e-book is created and sold, it can provide you with a source of passive income for the next few years. You can sell e-books on your own website or as a cooperation agreement with other websites that provide content for your e-books.


Publish Video on YouTube

You can make videos in almost any field: music, tutorials, opinions, comedies, movie reviews, etc. Then publish them on YouTube. You can then attach Google Adsense to the video that overlaps the auto-display video. When viewers click on these ads, you can make money through Adsense. The key is to make attractive videos and promote these videos on social media sites. And based on this, let your income come from multiple sources. Making a video is a good job, but once the video is completed, it may become a completely passive source of cash flow for a long time.