When choosing a WordPress theme for your next website, it is important to consider more than just your visual appeal. Your design also affects the usability of the website, so you should choose a design that suits your design style. Page Builder, your decision usually depends on GeneratePress. But wait, we will discuss what other options you have so that you can choose one according to your needs.

Generate Press

GeneratePress is a lightweight, multifunctional and free WordPress theme but it also have premium version available with many features. You can use it to create blogs, develop business websites, develop portfolio websites, use woocommerce plugins to build e-commerce websites, and more.


Why do you look for best alternative

The GeneratePress theme is an excellent player in terms of ease of use, fast loading, stable page builder, accessibility, and custom website design. We are not against GeneratePress, but some WordPress users have different design needs and SEO features, so they are looking for other alternatives. Go to the GeneratePress theme and create a beautiful website for your business. 

You may be looking for changes in cost, ease of use, and other features. So we recommend the best alternative to GeneratePress. All the alternatives to the GeneratePress theme we provide you are easy to load, consistent with Elementor page builder, simple configuration options, and great help in solving problems. These top alternatives to GeneratePress are favorites of the page builder community. Each is a reliable tool for various WordPress applications, and when combined with certain page building plugins, they really stand out. According to your preference, you can choose one of them.

Thrive Theme review

Whether you are a blogger, marketing partner, service provider, or just a product provider who wants to make more income by attracting your audience, Thrive Themes membership tools can provide the best results at a reasonable price. from the very beginning.

Reason to choose

Thrive Themes is a collection of WordPress plugins, templates, and other tools for building fast WordPress websites from scratch. The best part of choosing Thrive Themes instead of GeneratePress is that you don't need additional page builders to customize page layouts, widgets, etc.


  • Provide a large number of WordPress themes, plug-in functions and other additional tools. 

  • Thrive themes are easy to install and can be customized even for novices. The front-end editor of Thrive Themes provides drag-and-drop functionality for all elements. 

  • The website serves everyone well. Because when all other theme clubs create blogs, affiliate marketers, service providers, and even drug sellers for their websites, they all make money, so the Thrive theme will bring you potential customers and sales. They are very safe and can be modified at any time.

Divi Theme Review

Divi is the first framework created by the Elegantthemes team. Divi turned WordPress themes into something amazing. With the help of Divi, we can now easily create any concept website. An interface editor that can save changes in real time. He is also known for building a login page from scratch using a multifunctional drag-and-drop website builder.

Reason to Choose

The reason for choosing Divi as a free alternative to GeneratePress is that you don't need to buy any additional page builders or advanced themes, because it has everything you need to build a great website. Divi Builder is a plug-in, very useful when you want to use other third-party themes. Divi Builder supports all themes.


  • The website has hundreds of editable templates. 

  • In any WordPress theme, you can use the Divi Builder plugin and use all Divi features to develop a specific theme. 

  • Divi is a great drag-and-drop WordPress theme. Created with Divi Builder, the page loads extremely fast, which means lower bounce rate and higher page views. Users can use Divi Leads to optimize content. 

  • It also makes A/B testing easier, thereby increasing conversion rates. 

  • It supports alternative plugins and themes. These features will help you speed up your work.


Astra Review

Astra can help you build a stylish website, even though productivity is your number one priority. It is an extremely lightweight alternative to the GeneratePress theme, which provides fast front and back performance for your website. Each of its amazing features proves that it is reasonable to use this website. It is sold for free and advertised prices. We recommend choosing the exclusive version. The professional version allows users to take full advantage of all features.

Reason to Choose

This theme has cool capabilities which include decrease use of space, optimizing programs, helping self-management, and lots more. It is extraordinarily bendy additionally for non-coders, even though it still offers builders different equipment to make the maximum out of it.


  • Use the original JavaScript vanila. This bypasses JQuery and makes it easier to process quickly. 

  • Astra is one of the best alternatives to the GeneratePress theme. It is known for its increased speed and faster execution speed. The load time of these lightweight designs is less than half a second. 

  • Disk space is less than 50 KB; most of these sites take up more than 100 KB of disk space. Users can choose colors and fonts. 

  • This allows the brand that the customer owns to adapt well. You can also quickly set colors and terrain.


OceanWP Review

OceanWp creates stunning WordPress websites inside a set time frame as rapid as possible. It is a rapid-loading WordPress subject matter that includes remarkable guide for third-party plugins and page builders with drag-and-drop.

Reason to choose

OceanWP is a platform for the tech-niche. Hence the excellent technical affiliations are won from the best alternative GeneratePress platform. If you’re searching out the great alternative GeneratePress topics, the site may be providing you associate blogs. This also consists of Child Theme-a term recently created. It is likewise fascinatingly incorporated with WooCommerce. The site and topics additionally have variations which can be mobile responsive. There are Membership alternatives which can be free and paid. The paid version without a doubt provides greater handy capabilities.


  • With this GeneratePress free opportunity, way to the presence of newly evolved Meta box, WordPress experts advantage access to individual portions of content material.

  • OceanWP allows permit and disable capabilities of Individual JavaScript and CSS snippets quickly.

  • The inclusion of hooks allows for the short integration of content material via extraordinary regions of the web.

  • It suits properly with WooCommerce.

Genesis Framework Review

Genesis Framework is liked for its quality layout and super appearance. Industry’s quality coders and programmers built Genesis Architecture for StudioPress. All the themes from StudioPress are from the Genesis system, and we call them as Child themes.

Reason to choose

You can alternate your subject withinside the destiny with out converting the important Genesis Framework if you install the Genesis Framework and pick out one of the themes. Genesis has a subject for each exceptional website. Though the site comes with themes for free gives and paid.


  • Comes with stable and website-optimized search-engine foundations.

  • Various configurations, custom frame post sections for every submit, breadcrumbs, numeric navigation, and different inimitable functions are protected withinside the integrated functions.

  • All the issues in Genesis primarily based totally on HTML5.

  • Codes are splendid safe, and freed from errors.

  • Genesis framework will receive any issues associated with Genesis Child.

Sydney Pro Review

Sydney is another WordPress theme such as GeneratePress, OceanWP and WP Astra. The free version is enough to decorate a WordPress website or blog. This is one of the best free GeneratePress alternatives. Sydney Pro is an advanced version that can be used as an add-on to the theme, designed for freelancers and businesses, and can quickly and effectively create attractive websites in a shorter time. 

Reasons for choice 

Users can fully control the site layout, headers, footers, page templates, widgets, or blocks with extended client functionality. .Sydney Pro provides a variety of customization options. These additional features can be found in the Pro features category, and each new tab that appears on the screen has additional ratings. Those looking for alternatives to the GeneratePress theme may be disappointed, but this amazing alternative is only available in the paid version.


  • advanced topics can help users get the shortcode in the title. Alternatively, you can use the Crelly Slider integration, but adding a slider will help users and impress visitors. 

  • There are seven page templates in the theme. Five of these sites have been added to a few sites to increase versatility. You can add a contact block above the footer. 

  • It enables you to view all contact information, such as name, address, phone number, etc. They establish connections visually.

Avada Theme Review

Avada is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for all time. It is available on ThemeForest. It has intuitive visual interface design and editing tools that allow you to create stunning websites in less time. 

Reasons to choose: 

An expert WordPress knows how good and useful the website they can create through editing. Recommended tools and visual design. Innovative, multifunctional websites in a clean environment can improve the website experience. 


  • Integrated management and configuration functions of Fusion themes available everywhere. 

  • The quick interaction with the layout function helps to create a new dynamic content system. 

  • The theme provides the best adaptability when implementing the design. Avada's design elements are versatile and unique. 

  • Users have countless opportunities to create rich and creative content.

Publisher Theme Review

Publisher themes are for those who don’t want to mess up coding when editing website templates or post styles. At the same time, this GeneratePress theme alternative is the cheapest on the market. Low cost and ease of use enable you to meet your needs. 


  • Click the screen to download a rich presentation. 

  • The versatility of the design is also impressive. The theme has 58 classic and pre-made designs. 

  • The mobile version of the theme Can provide support for Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article. 

  • The website has been optimized by certified Google experts using advanced and undisclosed SEO techniques. 

  • Therefore, the site ranks highest in search results. The website contains daily reports. 

  • This panel contains information about cryptocurrencies, stock indexes or currency exchanges.

SChema Review

If speed is important to you, then Schema is the best GeneratePress theme alternative to consider. Don't choose the free GeneratePress alternative. The Pro version provides significantly better access to data. The MTS circuit is considered the best GeneratePress alternative with incredible speed. The time required for installation is the least. 

Reason for choice 

The best thing about this topic is that it comes with a built-in verification system that can help you get a high score on the engine. Including snippets that help search engines rank your website accordingly, the MTS Scheme page will continue to achieve higher SERP rankings and higher conversion rates.


  • The module is fully compatible with Elementor Builder. 

  • They provide the best answer, Enabling ad management will help improve SEO performance. 

  • Powerful panel options. 

  • Custom CSS framework. 

  • Help is provided by the extended description of the website.

GreatWall Review

GreatWall is an amazing multifunctional WordPress theme with drag-and-drop layout capabilities. This topic is very sensitive to mobile devices. The user can manage his company comfortably at home.


Reason for choice

It can be the perfect choice for e-commerce websites. Greatwall Pro is designed and built for SEO professionals. Google’s membership also ensures high rankings in search results. 


  • The user can use the custom function to change the layout, settings and colors of the theme. 

  • You can also preview these changes.

  • The subject may be transcribed into multiple national languages.


The free version of GeneratePress has limited functions, but it can be upgraded with a small investment. The best GeneratePress alternatives also have great features. If you are disappointed with GeneratePress, try any one of the best alternatives to GeneratePress.