Are you looking for best SEO and Adsense responsive template for blogger website. Here is the Top 10 best blogger template for SEO and Google Adsense.



CB Theme is a best free SEO template. Using this blog template, you can easily customize the website to meet your needs, and there will be no problems with customizing this template. This is also a Blogger template that has been fully optimized for SEO by Blogger. Watch the live demo at least once. You definitely like it. Some amazing features of the CB theme: the best blogger themes approved by adsense, easy-to-use blogger templates, ready-to-use blogger templates, free premium blogger templates, free blogger templates, friendlyAdsense's best free blog template



This blog template is specifically designed for SEO. This is very good for SEO. If you have a website where you can share your personal experiences or stories, this is the perfect choice for you. So try it. 

  • Fully responsive blog template 
  • Fully SEO optimized template 
  • AdSense friendly blog template 
  • Best blog theme recognized by Adsense


The SEO Mag blog template is a professionally designed and well-thought-out template specifically for blog topics. It is based on the latest templates and first-class code, has a fast stack structure and a responsive format, can easily adapt to any screen size, and looks beautiful in any aspect ratio. This theme can be used to create any small professional website, such as news, technology, travel, blogs, latest fashion, events, food, fashion, sports, videos, health, etc. Any web index, whether it’s Google, Bing, or any other web index, has a completely redesigned look and feel, can be customized with basic CSS code, and mixed with high-contrast expert shadows and green as active shadows. SEO Mag is one of the best free response templates for Adsense bloggers.



Blogger Narrator Template is an incredibly structured and personalized blog theme. It looks very simple and has a perfect medium format. This free blogspot layout has a fully responsive layout that can be scaled to fit your screen. This blogspot theme has the latest age code and extremely advanced website design enhancement framework to help you get higher rankings and better search results. At the same time, it is one of the fastest folding items in our catalog. In addition, it can also be used for blogs in various professional fields, such as design, OOTD, cosmetics, DIY, clothing, daily blogs, open influencers, commentators, nutrition bloggers and experts.



An affiliate blog template is a blog theme that looks amazing and beautifully designed, sometimes conveying how easy it is to understand the structure. It is error-free, based on the latest code structure of the blogger era, with extremely natural plans and components. Fully responsive design, its width is determined by the screen size or the type of gadget on the client side. It does this in a small and ingenious way, which is a fast and profoundly improved SEO stacking theme. This topic is perfect for creating any affiliate article endpoint, whether you need to submit the same article or a different article. You can identify any website through app advertisements, internet advertisements, organizations, schools, foundations, etc. There are different types of areas where you can display data about your project, and you can show your customers a good looking Tribute section of the review.



The publisher Blogger template is a blog-themed magazine theme element, accompanied by various content-based gadgets. It can be used well to create any type of design. This is a fully responsive design that looks great on any screen size or device, whether the guest is using a MacBook, PC, mobile phone or iPhone, it will look great in any aspect ratio. Progress has been made in getting better SEO settings, so you can get higher search results. Create online magazines in various subject areas, including technology, news, nutrition, DIY, how-to and other blog areas. Therefore, Publister is one of the best free templates for bloggers responsible for Adsense.



The phantom blog template is specially designed for people who own a technical blog or website. Therefore, if you run a technology-related blog or website, please use this template to improve your website ranking and reduce the load on your website time. Designed specifically for technical blogs and websites. Here are some highlights of this blog template

  • SEO friendly Template
  • Best Adsense Responsive Template 
  • Free SEO blogger template


Due to its user interface, this template is very useful for fashion bloggers. The user interface of this blog is very attractive and can attract viewers to visit your blog. This provides a J curve for your ranking and opinion. Blog template about fashion or lifestyle.


The SEO Boost Blogger template is a minimalist blogspot theme that allows you to launch a fully functional and simple website in less than a minute. Use this custom theme and clean typography to make your content flawless. The template is very flexible, easy to customize, and well optimized for any topic such as blogging and professional use. This theme is very suitable for lifestyle, fashion, games, food, blogs, health, sports, travel technology, business or entertainment websites.


The NewsPro blog template is an SEO-ready magazine style blog template with various types of content-based publishing widgets. This is an advanced blog template with many built-in features. This template is mainly for news blogs, but can also be used for technology, reviews, movies, guides, sports, niches, governments, schools, institutions, etc.


According to my research, these are the best free Adsense blog templates. As I said, the appearance of your website itself affects the participation of visitors. You don't have to buy expensive products for this purpose. The most important thing about your blog is its content and its consistency in providing high-quality blog posts. Good looking is essential to a website, but not the best. Top 10 best blog themes with all the needs to make attractive paid websites​​