Overview FastComet

FastComet is one of the best fastest web hosting service providers today. Although its service offers competitive prices and impressive performance, it is not well-known compared to industry leaders such as Dreamhost and Bluehost. This article is a comprehensive review of FastComet and aims to answer two questions: "Is this a secure web host?" and "Should I use this service to host my service or blog?" in this review, I will also take a closer look at hosting providers to help you understand other aspects, including basic features and pricing plans.

About Fastcomet

FastComet is a web hosting company. It was founded in 2010, but it was not until 2014 that FastComet was outside from its San Francisco headquarters. Although very little is known about FastComet, it provides impressive server speeds, impressive security, and top-notch security. FastComet operates in more than 83 countries/regions and has more than 45,000 customers. In order to cover customers from all over the world, the hosting company has eight servers in major cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Singapore, and London, Mumbai And Tokyo. This hosting company received a score of 4.4 for its ability to provide personalized services because it has a small number of customers. Whether you are a small company or a large company, FastComet will do its best to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

Pros of Fastcomet

  • 99.97% Uptime
  • 45 Days Money back Guarantee 
  • SSD hosting ( 100%fasting server )
  • Free Website Migration 
  • Free Daily backup
  • Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN
  • Build in Firewall, brute-force protection and daily malware scan.
  • Best Customer Support

Cons of Fastcomet 

  • If you choose startup plan, you will host only one website
  • Limited Disk Space

Fastcomet Pricing

FastComet's performance

 Fastcomet speed guarantee 99.99% availability for its customers. This means you can be sure that your website visitors will never find your website. The hosting service ensures that its users use Cloudflare's free data network (CDN) for fast rendering. This means that your site is hosted on different servers distributed around the world to reduce the distance the content travels when the client makes a request. 

Speed ​​is important. Even with basic shared hosting, an unresponsive website will take many of your visitors to other places. We benchmark performance against Uptime.com to measure the usability and responsiveness of our test site. A page is loaded from our website every 5 minutes. This gives us a total of more than 2000 data points. 

The average response time is only 231 milliseconds, which is good news because the industry average for the overall plan is close to 300 milliseconds. In fact, in our recent test, several reputable providers did not get a response time of 231 milliseconds in any of our tests (DreamHost, Hostwinds, Bluehost, etc.). Also, please note that this is based on a hosting plan Test, it can be easily replaced from the provider. Go for more creative options) plan or choose cloud hosting, VPS or dedicated products, the results may vary greatly.

Easy to use 

FastComet was created using standard cPanel, which makes it easy to use for both new users and experienced. Easy to use and intuitive user interface, even beginners can easily and professionally learn and use hosting services. The FastComet control panel allows you to perform most tasks with just a few clicks.Some of the actions you can perform directly from the control panel are contact customer support, manage your hosting account, and launch a new website.

Fastcomet Security review

If you choose to host your website through a specific hosting provider, please make sure it is secure.FastComet is doing its best to protect its customers' websites from attacks. The hosting service provider uses a dedicated firewall. It has been optimized for large content management systems such as Joomla, Magento, and WordPress. In addition, each shared hosting account uses an isolated environment on the core server, so sites with infected files will not be leaked to others. FastComet uses a free SSL certificate encrypted with the SHA256 hash algorithm. These certificates help secure the connection faster than traditional types by encrypting the connection between the client browser and the web server. It also helps prevent from website attacks and improve search engine rankings.

BitNinja Security

They conduct regular audits of their servers to protect the website from virus and malware scanning. This is what technicians call active monitoring. Work with BitNinja to improve the security of its servers. BitNinja is known for its one-stop security solution for protecting websites. Prevent attacks by combining machine language. FastComet Web Application Firewall blocks attacks at the edge of the network, protecting your site from common web threats and blocking attacks.


After researching FastComet, I found that although the hosting provider is relatively new and has a small customer base, the dedication to customer service is excellent. Many customers who use this service are very satisfied, especially with regard to security and support. The organizer’s efforts to provide managed WordPress solutions to help further improve customer satisfaction left me particularly impressed. If you are looking for a hosting service provider that guarantees the highest performance and high security at a lower cost, I suggest you try FastComet.