From freelance writers and graphic designers to marketing and accounting consultants, freelance is now increasingly important in various industries. The engineering field is no exception, because professionals in this field can now also become freelancers. You need to better control the projects you work with and the customers you work with. Not to mention it will also loop 9 to 5 for free.

Use Freelance Website

The first thing people think of when looking for a project is to advertise on a free website. Upwork and Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms used by companies such as Microsoft and GE. Toptal is another excellent platform known for attracting the top 3% of freelancers. Due to the fierce competition, you must go through a rigorous selection process, including language and personality tests. Although it may be difficult to get your name to appear there, they provide great rewards. Take the time to gain a foothold on these sites, but in the long run, it will be worthwhile to always get good ratings and reviews from customers.


Teach Online Classes

Freelancers have grown into one of the highest paid professionals. Therefore, thousands of students want to learn the basics of various tools and need the guidance of teachers. As a freelancer, you should consider taking an online course on using PCB design Software for creating circuit board models, assembling high-performance electronic components, and data management. These are high-tech platforms and skills, not everyone can learn without the help of others, but you can help fill this gap. In addition, in the field of software engineering, you can teach students multiple programming languages ​​and conduct individual courses.

Become a Consultant

In fact, there is a difference between a freelancer and a consultant: a freelancer is a person who has a short-term agreement with a client, such as a mechanical project project, while hiring consultants to provide experts. Special suggestions, such as supporting the company to develop new product designs. However, you can become an independent consultant. In addition to a relevant degree, you also need to have extensive experience in a specific engineering field, whether it is mechanical engineering or web development. Make sure to list your skills, certifications, and education as evidence that you are in your niche market.

Setup Online Store

If you want to provide materials as a freelancer, you can open an online store. For example, if you use CAD software, you can create an account in Cults3D, where you can upload your CAD model and 3D printer files as a paid download. If you like 3D printing, you can provide people with 3D printing services. You can also create your own website or customize your Facebook page through WordPress. Don't forget to promote your store on social media. Means that people can find your job.


Publish an E-book

E-books are an effective way for you to disclose technical know-how and knowledge. When it comes to writing a book, getting started is often the most difficult. Therefore, you need to ask yourself a few questions. What you write and how to make it unique When you are a successful software developer and have participated in famous projects, you can share your experience in the industry and how others have flourished. If you decide to write for high school students who are new to programming, you need to explain all the terms and write as simple as possible. Once you decide on a topic and start writing, the best way is to find an experienced editor who can help you improve the e-book and provide information. Then you can use a website like Amazon to sell it. After finishing the e-book, don't forget to promote it on social media!


Start a Blog

There are several ways to make money through blogs, for example: By creating advertising content, cooperating with companies, and selling advertising space. Having a blog also means that as an engineer, you can build a personal brand, but it takes a long time. And patience. Just like writing a book, blogging from scratch can be overwhelming. First, determine your niche and focus. Is your tone serious or talkative? If you are a mechanical engineer, you can blog about sustainability. You can then write content from discussing sustainable building materials to explaining how industry uses natural resources. Or, if you want a more specific category, you can show different green buildings around the world and explain what makes them green and how engineers make them. This is your blog, so do it and don't be afraid to be creative!

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Start a YouTube Channel

Do you want to provide your audience with a more personalized look and feel? The YouTube channel is perfect for this situation. Likewise, it is important to consider a unique method that is worth clicking. They monetize it through advertising or sponsorship. However, it’s worth it, because YouTube users with at least 100,000 subscribers can earn an average of $12,500 via sponsored content.