1.3Million Free alternative Traffic source for YouTube


Friday-ad.co.uk is a Classified website. You will register as seller and sell your old product there. 

Total Website traffic per month is 1 Million above.

Mostly, 91% above Visitors came from United Kingdom. You can easily promote your affiliate product through this website. There is no Registration fees. They offer free and paid plans.

3.)  9 Million free traffic from classified ad website

vivastreet.co.uk is also a free classified website. You can sell your old properties, cars, mobiles, pets, etc.. use this platforms. 

Total website traffic of vivastreet is  9 Million. Mostly, 93% visitors came from united kingdom only.

you will easily promote your affiliate program through this platform. It's full of free of cost.

4). 127 Million free traffic source

Buzzfeed is one of the most visited blog website in all over the world. You can publish your own article on Buzzfeed to increase your website traffic. It's free of cost. Buzzfeed mostly focusing on News, Food , Celebrity, recipe, journalism, videos, etc.. 

Buzzfeed available on Android also you can download from Google Play Store.

Total Visit of Buzzfeed per month is 127 Millions above.

Mostly, 50% visitors came from United state and remaining came form japan, canada, UK and Australia. 

Buzzfeed is a blog and Social Website.

5). 3 Million free video sharing Platform Like YouTube

Brandnewtube.com is one the best video sharing platform. You will share your thoughts on this platform. They will not hide any truth. you will share any type of video there.

Brandnewtube, Total visit per month is 3 Million

Mostly 50% visitors came from United kingdom.

6). 5.5 Million free traffic from classified website

Latest.co.uk is one of the best free classified website. It's same like vivastreet and fridayad. you can sell your old thing or properties through this platform. Almost, 5.5 Million visitors visit this website. You can buy/sell through this platforms. It's free of cost. Mostly, Visitors came from United Kingdom.

Other Social Platforms for free traffic


Triller has been downloaded more than 23 million people. Although there is still a long way to go before TikTok can shake its fancy boots, Triller is definitely on the rise. This AI-driven music video application enables users to create professional-quality videos in a matter of seconds, with features similar to yours. You can find it on Douyin. Like TikTok, Triller users can also make lip-sync music and videos and share them with fans.


It is a social network for sharing videos such as Twitch or YouTube. As with any other video platform, you can create and publish videos or broadcast live. This is a paid platform, and plans start at $7 per month.


Periscope is a live streaming platform that focuses on streamers to discovers the world through the eyes. The app has more than 10 million registered users and 9.3 million live broadcasts every month. Although it is a small platform, it has more features: 350,000 hours of video are streamed daily through Periscope.


Telegram is a messaging application that allows you to communicate in large group chats and use various public channels to get more social attention. Telegram was founded in 2013 by the founder of the Russian social network VK, positioning itself as a more professional channel, an alternative to WhatsApp, rather than Facebook or Facebook Messenger. In terms of monetization, Telegram announced that it will launch an advertising platform for public channels in the near future. Now, startup brands have established relationships with their audiences for some time. , Groups and broadcast channels can be very effective.


Twitch is a streaming media platform, mainly used by gamers to stream their games or watch other gamers. Users can interact with other players’ live broadcasts and post comments, or upload videos to Twitch for viewers to watch. Twitch has about 5 million streams every month.


Influenster is a product search and review platform where users can see real reviews from other consumers. You can access product reviews in various categories, from beauty and cosmetics to technology and electronics. You can also submit your own reviews of products that interest you. The platform measures the social impact of each user by collecting data from major social media platforms. Based on this analysis, users can even participate in the marketing activities of influencers that match their interests.


Myspace is one of the oldest social networks; in fact, it was the largest social media platform nearly a decade ago and was very popular in the United States. The increasing popularity of other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter eventually led to a decline in popularity. Myspace is still active, receiving traffic from more than 7.5 million users every month. The focus of the platform is music, but it is also very popular in terms of blogs.