To get AdSense approved for Blogger, Wordpres Site. Your website needs to meet some essential guidelines and privacy and policy strategy of google Adsence and search console standards. In that event that the Google AdSense group dismissed your site since you have not met the rules of Google Adsense guidelines. Attempt to actually one more. In the wake of summiting your site again in google Adsense and getting dismissed over and over and not gotten approved, that means you can't get AdSense monetization in your present blogger or WordPress site.

Ensure that your site is in your own top-level domain. A Blogger, WordPress subdomains don't index and Rank your posts in search council. Example Domains:- .com, .xyz, .in, .online, .tech, .site,, and .co . Buy these types of domains and add your website this will rank your website in all search engines.

You need to write unique articles on your website. The articles must have a minimum of 500 to 800 words of unique contents in them. If you copy-paste copyrighted articles in that your website will get rejected, google doesn't allow copy-paste and copyrighted contents in that. To get AdSense monetization to write 900 to 1300 Maximum word contents in each post-it must be unique.

Creators and Bloggers need to know that your webpage has to be for at least a half year old which isn't a thumb rule. Many bloggers have may git Adsense approval within one month with their old domain like your website. The main thing which truly matters here is Quality and Unique. Articles and Contents.

For More Detailed Information About Getting Adsense Approval, Follow The Below Instructions 

1) Writing Qnique Articles And Contents 

Writing Qniue Contents is the most significant to all creators and bloggers update your site daily and post 3 or 4 weekly to keep your website engaged and ranking. Try not to copy-paste any copyrighted articles which are owned by other bloggers website. Your content must be unique from others. Google webmaster will be analyzing your posts and pages if any copy-paste or copyrighted articles are found you will be rejected.

So we recommend you to have sufficient contents to assure google that your website, blog posts are unique. Before applying for Google Adsense you must have 15 to 25 posts and 5 to 8 pages with 800 to 1000+ words articles on your blog website after getting Adsense monetization you must try to write more than 1500 to 2000+ words articles to perform and Rank in All Search Engines.

2) Website Theme ( Design Of Website )

At the point when you're applying your site for Google Adsense. your web compositions to design. It should have easy-to-understand Visitors. ensure that you have a decent-looking header, contents region ( language ) sidebar, footer menu below and above. The initial feeling of nay blog accompanies a blog plan. if your utilizing the free vision of template ( Theme ) customize the theme according to your topic and contents that's keeps SEO Optimized.

Your blog website needs to stack rapidly on mobile devices and desktops. On the off chance that your site is too slow and lagging has 10-15 posts. change your website theme, before changing the theme please backup your contents. Check your site speed in the PageSpeed Tools of knowledge apparatus to see your site stacking speed. Your site as to Rank 'A' Grade Evaluation and Seed In Desktop 70 and Mobile Devices 60 percent.

3) Important Pages 

There are some Significant pages that Google checks if your site has them. Before applying please check the below-referenced pages on your website. Numerous bloggers getting dismissed because they have not made the significant pages on their blog site, we solicitation to make the essential pages. You can make these pages effectively online by making your essential pages effectively creating them. Each and every page has a particular reason.

  • Contact Us 
  • About Us 
  • Sitemap
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy 
  • Terms and Conditions 
4) Domain Requirements 

There is a prerequisite that your domain is a half year old to apply to Google Adsense. We have some statements from google. China and India, we expect distributors to have claimed their destinations for a half year because to send the quality advertisement to your site and ensure exiting distributors. When you satisfy different measures, you can apply for absence. after applying please don't make any changes to your theme and page changes. and the main thing is your website as to be secured with a green padlock.

5) Get Organic Traffic From Search Engine

If you're not getting any organic view to your blog posts, that means your posts as been not indexed in google. To index your posts in google apply your website to Google Webmaster Council it is totally free you no need to buy and a premium package for that, Just login with your current website email and submits your website link or domains name, after submitting it will ask you to very my HTML code to the domain name server if your using subdomain take HTML code to very your website If you have an official domain which you purchased from online. go to the domain registration website and select your domain and change the name server to google webmaster council to very. Now your website in search engine you can see your indexed posts and pages in it. to get more views write google rich article posts Every day, add Trending tags to your posts and you have to get 30 organic views daily to get AdSense approval. 

6) Third-Party Ads 

Please Please! I am suggesting you to not use any third-party ads on your current website, Because third-party ads contain popups, Adult images, and redirecting visitors to unknow website which steels visitors data, personal information and Some website contains auto download apps with Virus or Marwales which try to steal your bank details or saved passwords. if google AdSense analysis your website and find any above-mentioned things it will ban your website and absence account and you are not eligible to apply for Adsense. Please keep in your mind that you are not allowed to use two 2 absence ads on the same website. For more information visit Google Adsense Account for the privacy policies to your website 

7) Adsense Verification 

After applying to AdSense and assuming that your not distrudittind new substance, they will set aside more effect to confirm your website, you must create more posts after applying it will be easy to google Adsense to monitor your website and give approval. Please Follow the below think not to do after applying to AdSense.

Don't Change website name or topics

Don't Customize themes, layouts, menus

Don't Change the domain names

Please don't keep on changing the website theme's use anyone 

Don't Delete posts, pages, and change URL's of posts 

Don't Post a website on social media, Groups and asking to visit my website posts and pages and send me the screenshot. You may get reject from Adsense if you do these things.

( You must get organic views in the search engine they you will the Adsense approval )

Create more posts with 800 to 900+ words posts with rich content daily, with daily trending topics on the internet. It may get some organic views.

8) Adsense Approval Time And Days 

 It will the up to 3 weeks or 1 month depending on your website content and views.

Thanks For Reading My Posts I Think These Adsence Approval Posts Helped You To Get Adsense Monetization. If You have any queries drop a comment in the comment box I will reply within 5 hrs. Please share this post on your social media and groups. For more tips and tutorials Subscribe Our Youtube Channel Below.